Inception of METPLUS BV

From Waste To Revenue!

Metplus BV specializes in the ecological and economic recycling of scrap metals, courtesy of our dedicated team, contemporary scrap processing units, and a mutual mission to enforce sustainable environmental solutions.

Scrap metals are just pieces of “scrap” which are neither in their purest form nor superior in terms of quality. These are the common perceptions in people’s minds about scrap metals. But in reality, the picture is just the opposite.

✔ Nearly 98% of all construction beams and plates are recycled!

✔ Recycled metal finds use in all business domains such as the construction of roads, bridges, automobiles, and aircraft.

✔ Did we forget scrap metals’ industrial wastewater detoxifying capabilities?

The list is endless…

Is there anyone who still perceives scrap metals as “scrap”?

At Metplus BV, we utilize the perfect blend of modern technologies and old-school recycling solutions that enables us to recycle your scrap metal in a better fashion than ever before. A solution that is meaningful, environmentally sustainable, and reliable enough to shoot your productivity and profits immediately. After all, if you have tons of scrap metals lying around you, you’re sitting on a goldmine!

Mission of METPLUS

Our mission is to implement ecological and economic recycling of scrap metals to fulfill our commitment to environmental sustainability. We strive to contribute to the maintenance of scrap metals and foster environmental conservation.

Vision of METPLUS

Our vision translates to making this world a greener place by not just creating but suitably executing systematic recycling solutions to solve every sophisticated metal salvage challenge crossing our path.


We transport, store and sell metals throughout Europe and Asia. We make sure to meet the needs of our clients and suppliers, offering service, quality and price, so that everyone obtains the maximum benefit from the exchange. We specialize in the EU buying and selling of recyclable and non-prime raw materials.

We strongly believe in offering our customers a consistent and dependable supply of quality raw material with competitive pricing.

We offers scraps of various types :

✔️ Shredded Steel Grade

✔️ Plate and Structural (PNS)

✔️ Cable Scraps

✔️ Cast Iron Scrap

✔️ Steel Turnings

✔️ Heavy Melting Steel Scrap – HMS1&2

✔️ Blue Steel

✔️ Busheling Scrap (Loose or bundles)

✔️ Rail Scrap

✔️ Tire wire Scrap

✔️ Zorba

✔️ Electric Motor Scrap

✔️ Compressors

✔️ Household Cables

✔️ Shredded and Armatures

✔️ Stainless Steel Scrap

✔️ Flat-rolled products: Secondary, Over Rolling, Prime Excess, Rejected, Defective, Coils and Baby Coils – HR, CR, Galvanized, Electro galvanized, Preprinted, Alu zinc, Aluminized, Tin, and black plated coils

✔️ Sheet and Plates: HR, CR, Galvanized, Electro galvanized, pre-printed, assorted and un-assorted Sheets and plates

✔️ Long Products: Non-prime and secondary Wire rods, Bars and Shafts, Pipes

We also deal in raw materials, but recycled raw material to say the least. We promise to provide a service that suits all of our client’s needs. We offer affordable prices for materials being sold. We maintain transparency and honesty when interacting with our clients and suppliers.

To summarize, we simply have a vision of making this world a greener place by growing this company with the professionals and companies connected to us at national and international level. And thus, all we need is your support. Support us in making this planet greener by joining hands with us in business.

We promise to provide great customer service to whoever would want to buy our products. The product quality would be top notch.


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