Parallax MET+ Metplus is all about creating balance using natural resources, in our case this is recyclable steel. we contribute to the nature by promoting this recyclable metal-steel for industrial purposes. Know More METPLUS We are all about recyclable steel, quality & green-efforts. We Listen You!

Go Green, With Us!

Metplus contributes a broad segment of recyclable steel in various forms. We are happy we are contributing to the environment in this business. We feel this is not just a business but it’s joining hands together & becoming part of the efforts happening all around the world. We are happy people are taking this seriously today & promoting recyclable steel. We just want to be thankful for all your efforts with us!

Go Green, By-the-way!


Metplus is committed to contributing towards the maintenance of ecological balance and encourage the conservation of the environment in a clean and direct manner.


The growth of the group with the professionals and companies connected to it at the national and international level. Thus contributing to make this world a greener place.


We promise to provide a service that suits all of our client’s needs. We offer affordable prices for materials being sold. We maintain transparency and honesty with our clients and suppliers.

Project 1 Science has not yet mastered prophecy but we predict soon resources will end if we don't step ahead. Find Ferrous Metal scrap & save planet! Shredded Steel Grade, Plare & Structural (PNS), Cable Scrap, Cast Iron Scrap, Steel Turning, Heavy Metal Steel Scrap, Blue Steel, Busheling Scrap (loose & bundles), Rall Scrap, Tyre Wire Scrap & Zorba.
are some of the ferrous metal scrap we deal with.
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Project 2 We are all connected to the earth, chemically! Scraps recycling is not just a simple business but it contributes it's responsibility to the planet. We are dealing with Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap too in this business section we offer a wide array of scrap kinds for example Electric Motor Scrap, Compressor, Household Cables, Shredded & Armatures, Stainless Steel Scrap etc. Let's Connect Project 3 Here is the third type of scrap we can supply,popularly know as Non-Prime Steel Scrap. Based on customer's selection of metal kind we offer a wide range & non prime is one of them Again we are affirmative to let you know how professionally we are able to supply a right type of scrap material you need for your business. Non-prime is sometimes needful in many production operations & here we can supply this efficiently. Connect us today!
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